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Kirgil is a very old name and is the name of a common man in the Middle Ages. His real name is not known, but it is thought that he was called by his mother’s name, which was Kirke. This name means “crane”, and he was also known as the Crane Knight.

Kirgil lived during the time of King Arthur and fought with him many times. He was a knight who fought for King Arthur, who was his king and lord. He is thought to have been born in Wales or England around 500 AD.

Kirgil had black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He wore armour made from leather and iron plate armour that covered his whole body except for his head and hands. His sword was very long and sharp, like an axe or mace. He carried round shields on his back that were large enough to cover him completely when he stood up in them.

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